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This is an appalling offense to the greatness of God Jeremiah We have all belittled the glory of God.

By preferring other things above Him. By our ingratitude, distrust and disobedience.

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So God is just in shutting us out from the enjoyment of His glory forever. It is not a myth created by dismal and angry preachers.

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It is a solemn warning from the Son of God who died to deliver sinners from its curse. We ignore it at great risk.

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If the Bible stopped here in its analysis of the human condition, we would be doomed to a hopeless future. However, this is not where it stops. The good news is that Christ died for sinners like us.


And He rose physically from the dead to validate the saving power of His death and to open the gates of eternal life and joy I Corinthians This means God can acquit guilty sinners and still be just Romans Coming home to God is where all deep and lasting satisfaction is found. We do not earn our salvation.

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  5. We cannot merit it Romans It is by grace through faith Ephesians It is a free gift Romans We will have it if we cherish it enough to receive it and treasure it above all things Matthew Do you desire the kind of gladness that comes from being satisfied with all that God is for you in Jesus? If so, then God is at work in your life.

    'We Sinners' Is Timeless in Its Religious Implications and Political Relevance

    Composed, performed and recorded by Wiggs, with drums and electronics by her longtime friend and collaborator Jon Mattock Spacemen 3, Spiritualized , We Fall is a lyrical, bucolic album with an undercurrent of disquiet. Think of a wintertime walk in the woods as dusk falls too soon. True to the classic album form, the 10 almost entirely instrumental tracks on We Fall form a compelling whole: a crystalline meditation on paths not taken and words unspoken, an elegy for moments lost and last embraces.

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    We Fall will be released on vinyl and available for download and streaming on May 17, by Sound of Sinners. Josephine Wiggs grew up in an unconventional family north of London.

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    In the late '90s Wiggs collaborated with Vivian Trimble as Dusty Trails, whose eponymous album is an homage to neo-noir soundtracks, spaghetti westerns, and Gallic pop. Her new album We Fall began as a suite of short pieces for the documentary film Built on Narrow Land.

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    In , following the 20th anniversary of Last Splash , the classic lineup of The Breeders reunited for a world tour. Josephine Wiggs - We Fall.