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West of Santo Domingo. Ingenios Sugar Mill Plantations. Cuevas del Pomier.

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Places to Stay. Zona Colonial. Places to Eat. Beyond the Tourist Zone. Art Galleries.

Camping Equipment. On Water. Riverboat Tours. On Foot. On Horseback. On Wheels. Parque Nacional del Este. Boca Chica. Juan Dolio. La Romana. Boca de Yuma. Getting Here, Getting Around. In the Air. Family Activities. Santo Domingo City Tour. Isla Saona. Fly-Fishing Isla Catalina. Cultural Excursion. Occidental Hotels. Sunscape Resorts.

Top 5 Things To Do in the Dominican Republic

Information Sources. Whale Watching. Rock Climbing. Las Galeras. Las Terrenas. El Portillo. Lago Dudu. Mountain Biking. Tour Operators. Spectator Sports. Laguna Gri-Gri. Parque Nacional el Choco. Parque Nacional Montecristi. Bases for Exploration.

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Side Trip to Santiago. Puerto Plata.

Punta Rucia. Historic Site. Climbing Pico Duarte. Quad Biking. Side Trip to Constanza. Tourist Services. Trip Planning. Haitian Border Road Trips. Parque Nacional Jaragua.

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Parque Nacional Sierra Bahoruco. Las Salinas. La Descubierta. The North Coast. Central Santiago. Southwestern Dominican Republic.

Ebook Adventure Guide: Dominican Republic, 5Th Edition (Hunter Travel Guides)

Thank you all so much. And last but certainly not the least, there is my pal, Clark Norton, whose idea it was I join him on this adventure in the first place and who now knows just how cranky I can be. You are still my favorite travel writer in the whole world. I could never do this kind of work without you. Clark Norton The authors invite readers to share their own Dominican experiences by e-mailing them at dominicanadventures yahoo.

The Dominican Republic of my early childhood was a largely rustic, burgeoning nation emerging from a turbulent political past. Then, the primary mode of transport for a family was typically a motoconcho, a motorbike in which the dad might steer with one child nestled in front of him and the mom might hang on behind with another child and a bag of groceries on her lap. And, while this scene remains a common sight in rural areas, today you might see the same family cruising around in a latemodel luxury four-wheel-drive — a result of one of the fastest growing economies in the Western Hemisphere, including an explosion in tourism, which rocked the country during the late s.

Meanwhile, many of those new tourists now prefer motoconchos to more comfortable rental cars as their own choice for getting around — a fact that bewilders many Dominicans. In the subsequent years, as I have made frequent pilgrimages to my second home, I have witnessed exponential — and sometimes unsettling — growth on the island called Hispaniola, which the Dominican Republic shares with the much poorer Republic of Haiti.

Today, there are perhaps two dozen and twice as many restaurants, souvenir shops, tour operators, and other travel-related services and businesses — to the point where you can no longer see the beach from the roadside.

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Cabarete is now a center for hour fun, where a mostly young, international crowd takes to windsurfing all day and partying all night. The DR offers an abundance of sun-drenched white-sand beaches where palm trees seem to sway to the rhythm of a merengue beat, as well as a wealth of natural and historic attractions, vibrant nightlife and cultural activities, and a host of adventurous pursuits — scuba diving, snorkeling, whale-watching, windsurfing, horseback riding, mountain trekking, jungle hiking, canyoning, and whitewater rafting.

The country has lodgings that range from luxury to lowbudget, atmospheric restaurants with wonderful local food, and the chance to meet some of the friendliest people in the world. If you prefer an all-inclusive, full-service resort, the DR has one of the widest selections in the Caribbean — at sometimes startlingly low prices. Although much has changed, the Dominican Republic of my childhood still exists in the warmth and hospitality of its people. This is the Dominican Republic that I know today and continue to explore, along with my co-author, Clark Norton, who discovered the island later in his life but who has come to love it no less than I do.